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Abou El-Eoun

Abou El-Eoun
Abou El-Eoun

Contemporary Egyptian sculptor Abou el-Eoun was born in the countryside of Assiut Governorate in 1975, where he spent his childhood and youth. He passionately studied Egyptology at Cairo University but was also ardent about art.

Abou about his philosophy:

"When I was a child I felt that I was carrying a message, I couldn’t understand or define what it was, but this feeling was sweeping me strongly. One-day, I told someone about this feeling, so I felt that death was far from me, because I had not delivered my message yet. Only now, the matter became clearer, at least to me. Now I look to the future with passion, as I look at the distant past as my home."


Works at Nūn Art Gallery:

Exhibited at the Nūn Art Gallery Exhibition "Ruhaniyat"
in November/December 2021
Abou El-Eoun Abou El-Eoun Abou El-Eoun

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Limestone, Copper
Height 30 cm
10,000 EGP

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Wood, Copper
Height 110 cm

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Wood, Iron
Height 30cm

Abou El-Eoun


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The Resurrection of the
Wood, Copper
Height 40 cm
15,000 EGP

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Abou about these works:

The Resurrection of the Ushabti:
"The ancient Egyptian artists were interested in depicting the deceased in his second life to support his return from death while ignoring the statues of the deceased’s servants called ushabtis. I, as a modern Egyptian artist, granted the servants the same right of resurrection."

"The significance of this old and broken character lies in the collapse of the ancient Egyptian civilisation."



  • 1998: Bachelor of Egyptian Antiquities, Faculty of Archaeology, Cairo University
  • 2002: Diploma of Art History, Faculty of Archaeology, Cairo University
  • 2017: Master degree in Prehistoric art. Title of the Thesis:
    Prehistoric Geometric Ornaments: Its semantics & Relation with Other Ornaments in Egypt, Some Near Eastern & Central Asian Cultures (Iran – Mesopotamia – Turkmenistan). Cairo University


Work Experience:

  • Current Job: Inspector of Antiquities of the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities at the Center of Documentation and Studies on Ancient Egypt (CEDAE), Cairo, Egypt
  • 2008: Participation in Expo Zaragoza, Spain
  • 2012: Participation in excavations of fortresses in North Sinai (Scientific Center of Antiquities - Qantara East)
  • 2013: Participation in the restoration of the statues of Amenhotep III and Sakhmet at the Mut Temple in Karnak (American Research Center in Egypt <ARCE>)
  • 2014: Participation in the exhibition of King Tutankhamun's Tomb Replicas, Montreal, Canada
  • 2015-2020: Participation in the archaeological restoration works for cemeteries from Deir el-Medina, Al-Asasif, Dra Abu el-Naga, and the Valley of the Kings (Center of Documentation and Studies on Ancient Egypt <CEDAE>
  • 2016-2020: Participation in the excavations at the Ramesseum, west bank, Luxor (French Mission under the direction of Christian Leblanc)
  • 2018-2019: Participation in survey works and restoration of Theban Tomb TT320 at Al-Deir el-Bahari (Joint Egyptian-Spanish mission)
  • 1998- 2020: Sculpturing and reconstructing many archaeological statues, tombs and shrines in the same size as the original, including the shrines of Tutankhamun, the tomb of Nefertari, the tomb of Ptah-hotep, statues, paintings and stelas from different ages and materials


Group Exhibitions:

  • 2016-2020: participation in 4 art exhibitions
  • 2021: Triple Exhibition "Ruhaniyat" at Nūn Art Gallery

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