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Woman's International Exhibition "Daughters of Hathor"

From 13 January to 8 February 2022. Extended until 23 February 2022

As Hathor brought love, happiness, music and arts to the people in ancient Egypt, her daughters, who live all over the world, reflect her different aspects through their art and thus enrich the quality of life of their contemporaries.

The "Daughters of Hathor" exhibition at Nūn Art Gallery shows more than 70 artworks of 14 brilliant artists from Bangladesh, Syria/Canada, Russia, Italy, Germany and of course from Egypt. They used 9 various techniques to express their unique creativity.

Woman's International Exhibition "Daughters of Hathor"


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If you like to purchase original artworks and aren't in Luxor right now, contact us, and we will keep it for you until your next visit or find a way to send it to you: unframed and rolled in a mailing tube by private transport, DHL or another carrier. Even when the exhibition is finished, we will do our best to arrange everything for you. Even when the exhibition is finished we will try our best to arrange everything for you if the artwork isn't sold yet.

Antonella Leoni Omaima Alseesi Nargish Soma
F.l.t.r. Artworks by Antonella Leoni, Omaima Alseesi and Nargish Soma


Exhibiting Artists:

Antonella Leoni, Italy
Dina Shalaby, Egypt/Russia
Galina Lenskaya, Russia
Gina Rohrsen, Germany
Nargish Soma, Bangladesh
Rana Hatmal, Syria/Canada
Amona Ali, Egypt
Abeer Adel, Egypt
Fatma Ramadan, Egypt
Omaima Alseesi, Egypt
Radwa Abd Al-Monem, Egypt
Rania Khallaf, Egypt
Reem Gamal Abdel Nasser, Egypt
Shayma Kamel, Egypt

Omaima Alseesi Rana Hatmal Amona Ali
F.l.t.r.: Omaima Alseesi, Rana Hatmal and Amona Ali



The "Daughters of Hathor" exhibition was opened on 13 January 2022 in the presence of five of the exhibiting artists and numerous visitors.

Exhibition Opening "Daughters of Hathor"
F.l.t.r., first row: Artists Gina Rohrsen, Galina Lenskaya and Omaima Alseesi; second row: artists Abeer Adel and Radwa Abd Al-Monem as well as Claudia Ali

Exhibition Opening "Daughters of Hathor"
F.l.t.r.: Claudia Ali and the artists Omaima Alseesi, Galina Lenskaya, Gina Rohrsen and Radwa Abd Al-Monem



See photos of the opening.

Exhibition Opening "Daughters of Hathor"



Article about Abeer Adel  in MEO


"Loved it..... go and have a thorough look...... such a warm, bright exhibition full of wonderful colours, something we need in the middle of the winter..... !!!" - Ingrid Leyla

"Amazing evening at Nūn Art Gallery!" - Galina Lenskaya

"Great work, beautiful art!" - Yanis Younis

"Amazing opening night of the International Woman’s Exhibition “Daughters of Hathor” at Nūn Art Gallery yesterday in Luxor - When love, art and positivity gather in one place ! A big thank you to Claudia Ali and Sayed Qinawy for the beautiful organisation and lovely spirit! " - Omaima Alseesi

"Thank you for a memorable art experience on 13.01.2022. The works brought a different aspect of Egypt's art." - Auli & Seppo

"It was a wonderful day, thank you!" - Radwa Abd Al-Monem

"Well done to you all!" - Abdullah Ali Butler

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